Whole-person Development

The Hong Kong Institute of Construction provides a well-rounded development as part of its education offerings in addition to construction-related knowledge and techniques. Mental wellness is promoted so students can realise their full potential. We are dedicated to providing students with a wide array of hobby and interest courses, ball games, outdoor training camps, and volunteer service opportunities. Students will be able to make a difference through serving the community and disadvantaged groups.

Since 2017, the Institute has offered students a series of talks focusing on well-rounded development. Guests from different backgrounds are invited to share their experiences and reflections from life. It is hoped that students will be inspired and develop good values on their own, which help guide them on their career paths and life trajectories early on.

Construction Industry Sports and Volunteering Programme (CISVP) 

The Hong Kong Institute of Construction promotes wellness and a culture of caring. To that end, industry practitioners, HKIC staff members, HKIC students and graduates are all encouraged to participate in the events of the Construction Industry Sports and Volunteering Programme.

Blood Donation

The Hong Kong Institute of Construction encourages its students to care for the community. Through participating in blood donation drives, for instance, HKIC students learn to become socially aware and responsible citizens.

Sports Training

The Hong Kong Institute of Construction organises intramural athletic events, encompassing fencing, indoor rowing, cycling, dragon boat racing, karate, 3x3 basketball, soccer, and ping pong for its students. Sports promote self-discipline and teamwork. Our best sportsmen become part of our school teams and represent the HKIC locally.

Dragon Boat Race

"Dragon Boat Race - CIC Lo Pan Cup" on Dragon Boat Festival in 2017. Representing teams from the HKIC had participated the race. Through intensive training, students were able to enhance their own robustness as well as the team coordination with other team members

Whole Person Development Lecture Series

Prominent speakers are invited to share their success stories and the challenges they faced. Our students benefit from the lecture series as they are motivated to succeed and gain new perspectives and determination to solve problems.

Exchange Opportunities

The Hong Kong Institute of Construction collaborates with international organisations so our students can benefit from exchange opportunities. For instance, an Irish delegation of experienced tradespeople demonstrated the latest joinery skills for our students.

Site Visits / Field Trips

Site visits are arranged regularly to give students first-hand experience in construction work environments and an idea of how these projects operate. Students get ready for the industry workforce as they learn from the field.

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