Reward Scheme for Referring Students to HKIC

Come and share your learning experience with your friends!

Refer a friend to study designated construction full-time course and be rewarded!



The Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC) “Reward Scheme for Referring Students to HKIC” (the Scheme) allows you to share a golden opportunity for growth and rewards with your friends or family members.

Your success will inspire them to start a career in a rewarding industry.

Referral Bonus

If someone you nominate enrolls, completes and graduates in a Specified Course, and finally passes the relevant final examination / test in accordance with the terms and conditions for courses and graduation, you as Referrer will receive a HK$3,000 referral bonus. Terms and conditions set out in the below Notes to Applicants apply. The referral bonus will usually be dispatched within 3 months after completion of the relevant final examination / test.

Notes to Applicants

Eligibility of Referrer 

 1. The Referrer must possess a valid Construction Worker Registration Card as a Skilled Worker, Skilled Worker (Provisional), Semi-skilled Worker, Semi-skilled Worker (Provisional) or General Worker when he/she submits the referral application and when granted the referral bonus.

 2. The Referrer must not be an employee of the CIC/HKIC when he / she submits the referral application and when granted the referral bonus.

Eligibility of Nominee 

 1. The Nominee must be below the age of 50 #

 2. The Nominee must have never attended any full-time courses or participated in the Cooperative Training Scheme organised by the CIC/HKIC (or the former Construction Industry Council Training Academy or Construction Industry Training Authority), nor attended training courses at other institutions commissioned and subsidised by the HKIC.

 3. Each Nominee can only be recommended by one Referrer.

 4. The Nominee must fulfill the entry requirements of the respective Specified Course. For details, please refer to the respective course information.

# The objective of this Scheme is to attract more new talents to join the construction workforce to maintain the sustainability of the industry. If you cannot meet the age requirement of the Scheme but want to receive skill training from the HKIC, please contact HKIC.

How to Nominate

Referrer and Nominee should complete the application form attached and return it to Student Recruitment, Hong Kong Institute of Construction by mail or fax before admission. Referrer should generally receive an initial reply within 2 weeks. Please contact HKIC if you do not hear from us 2 weeks after application submission.


(Student Recruitment), Hong Kong Institute of Construction

Tel: 2100 9000  Fax: 2100 9139

Email:    Website:


 1. The programme period is from 1 August 2018 to 31 July 2020. The nomination for referral bonus will be approved on a first-come-first-served basis.

 2. Nominees (i.e. course applicants) are required to complete the relevant course application form. All matters related to general admission to the Specified Courses are set out in the “Notes to Applicants” of the respective courses.

 3. The HKIC may at its absolute discretion without notice at any time and under any circumstances withdraw or modify the provisions of any goods or services.

 4. The HKIC reserves the right to reject any nominations or applications without providing any reasons.


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