Students Site Practices Scheme

Aim The Hong Kong Institute of Construction (HKIC) has launched a Site Practice Scheme for students since May 2003. Through the Scheme, students are required to familiarize themselves with the working environment in construction sites, and to acquire the general site operation know-hows and interpersonal skills, with the aim of enhancing their adaptability in the industry upon graduation from HKIC. Main contractors and subcontractors may, through participating in this Scheme, support the industry by contributing towards the training of local youngsters for the construction trades. They can also source suitable candidates to employ upon completion of their traineeship.
Scheme Outline

1.    Applicable Courses 

The students of the following full-time training courses involved are:


Advanced Diploma Programme

Diploma in Construction Programme Certificate in Construction Programme
  • Building Construction Supervision
    (1st year students)
  • Painting & Decoration
  • Bricklaying and Plastering
  • Civil Engineering Supervision
    (1st year students)
  • Bricklaying, Plastering & Tiling
  • Bricklaying and Tiling
  • Building Services Supervision
    (1st year students)
  • Metalworks & Welding
  • Joinery
  • Quantity Surveying
    (1st year students)
  • Joinery
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Bar-Bending & Fixing
  • Plumbing

2.    Duration of Site Practice Training 

Certificate in Construction Programme        : 25 days in between June and July
Diploma in Construction Programme           : 10 days in between June and July
Advanced Diploma Programme                   : 50 days in between June and August

  • Students will not report duty to the site practice company if they have to attend examination /practical lesson organized by VTC during the period of their site practice training.
  • All students are required to return to their campuses on Saturdays to review their site practice training performance.
  • In times of typhoon warning signal no.8 or above, or black rainstorm warning is in force, the site practice training will be suspended. Students should follow the adverse weather arrangement by the respective companies.
  • "Lo Pan Patron's Day " is a special holiday offered by HKIC. All students will not attend site practice on that day.

3.    Pre-qualification of students for Site Practice 

  • According to Construction Sites (Safety) Regulations, students under 18 can receive training on construction site (Please refer to Appendix 1)
  • All students are holders of Construction Safety Card (“Green Card”).

Certificate in Construction Programme / Diploma in Construction Programme:

  • Prior to site practice, students have acquired basic knowledge and craftsmanship training of the respective trades for 10 months and passed an interim assessment.
  • All students are holders of Construction Workers Registration Card (General Worker) and allow to carry out construction work in construction site.
  • Students of “Bricklaying and Plastering", “Bricklaying and Tiling”, “Painting and Decorating” and “Plumbing” also hold the “Silver Card”.

Advanced Diploma Programme:
Prior to site practice, students have completed one year of construction     theoretical/ practical training. Students have acquired basic knowledge and skills     in the following areas:

  •   Workflows of construction project, sub-contracting system and organization of project teams;
  •   Computer-aided drafting and word-processing;
  •   Construction drawing, contract & documentation;
  •   Methods & skills on project supervision, coordination and communication;
  •   Construction Safety Supervisor Course, environmental protection and quality systems;
  •   Construction technology and craft appreciation; &
  •   Measurement principles and methods (Quantity Surveying students only)

First year relevant Higher Diploma Course in VTC;

Construction Safety Supervisor Course.


4.   Requirements on Practice Place Providers of the Scheme 

  • Contractors / sub-contractors and consultants may, based on their work status on site, arrange site practice training of respective trades.
  • Practice Place Providers are expected to provide site practice opportunities in their construction sites of the following natures:

    *     Public Works Projects;
    *     Housing Authority / Housing Society Projects; or
    *     Private Projects under Buildings Department submission process.

  • Practice Place Providers should:

    *    Assign appropriate and competent personnel to be responsible for all site  practice related matters, including assignment of training places and coordination with HKIC staff;
    *    Provide and maintain proper working environment for the site practice training; and
    *    Record students' attendance and evaluate their performance.


5. Insurance 

HKIC has arranged Group Personal Accident Insurance and Public Liability Insurance for students. Site Practice Place Providers may consider to arrange their own insurance if deemed necessary.


6. Charge



7.    Others 

  • As the aim of this Scheme is to provide site practice opportunity to HKIC students, Practice Place Providers should not reduce the employment opportunity of workmen of relevant trades.
  • HKIC will designate staff to liaise with contractors / sub-contractors for detailed arrangement of site practice, and to monitor students’ progress and performance of training.
  • HKIC reserves the right on deciding the number of students allocated to each Practice Place Provider of the scheme.

8.    Enquiry

Career Support Services: 2100 9000


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